Activities cannot be done without the help of a great number of volunteers. Each activity, however, brings new enthusiastic volunteers. Thanks to the Xplore Project in 2006/2007 quite a lot of youth has seen the need for awareness and fundraising campaigns.

Xplore Project 2006/2007


Jun Carino

Jun Carino created and maintains the website. He joined Kapatiran as volunteer in 2005.

Most of these volunteers are spread all over the country. Recent activities show that most of them can be found in the area of Doetinchem, The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht, and Willemstad (NB).

If you wish to be a volunteer of Kapatiran as well, please contact one of the Board members.

- Projects development and technical assistance

- Awareness and fundraising campaigns

- Information

- To establish partnership with local organizations in depressed communities in the Philippines by providing support to community-based, small-scale and sustainable development projects;

- To organize information and awareness campaigns among the Dutch public to generate awareness and support for local partners of Kapatiran;

- To coordinate and establish network with other migrant groups, institutions, and networks having similar goals and objectives as Kapatiran;

- To support initiatives which harness the development potential of Philippine migration.

- We envision a just and humane Philippine society where the poor communities have equal opportunities to develop themselves fully

- We envision a Dutch multicultural society wherein Filipino and other migrant communities are active and equal partners in their social, economic, political and cultural development.