12 years of Kapatiran Basic Literacy

Since the official start of Stichting Kapatiran’s Basic Literacy Program in 2000, the program is still very much appreciated not only by the beneficiary pupils themselves, but also by the parents, the community and the school where the pupils go to.

Each year when the new school year begins, applications from many needy children in the community keep pouring in. Much as Stichting Kapatiran wants to accommodate every child that needs financial help to be able to go to school, the organization can only afford to send 400 children to school. The economic crisis that has been plaguing the world since a few years ago is still manifested in the donations Stichting Kapatiran receive from generous donors. This sombre climate, nevertheless, does not dampen the spirits of the volunteers within the organization. Each year ways and means to supplement the dwindling financial resources for the program are found, albeit with difficulty.

From an expected niche in the community, Stichting Kapatiran was blessed by a donation of € 4,500.00 from the Diocese of the Reformed Church in ‘s Gravenzande through the organisation’s treasurer, Harry van Luipen. The other donation of € 250 came from our own Chairman’s mother who turned 95 recently. On behalf of the BL beneficiaries, our heartfelt thanks to the diocese. This amount will enable 180 pupils to continue their schooling for one year. May Stichting Kapatiran have many more of these generous donors. On the map in this edition of the eNewsletter you will find where these BL pupils are located. 392 pupils were able to continue their schooling for the school year 2011-2012, thanks to your donations.

On the table following, you may find the chart on the 392 children that the Basic Literacy Program of Stichting Kapatiran since its inception in 2000.

Thank you all for your continued support!


Beneficiaries (2000-2013)
(By Area, By Year)

Agusan D/S
2005(10); 2006(11); 2007(21);
2008(21); 2009(28); 2010(42); 2011(40); 2012(42)

2005(15); 2006(25); 2007(35);
2008(35); 2009(40); 2010-2012(40)

2004(10); 2005(10) Discontinued

2008(16); 2009-2012(20)

Cotabato & Davao D/S
1999 (14); 2000(45); 2001(53);
2002(72); 2003(106); 2004(133);
2005(116); 2006(72) Discontinued

2005(51) Discontinued

Davao D/S
2007(12); 2008(15); 2009-2010(16); 2011(13); 2012(10)

Bacarra Ilocos Norte
2003-2005(10); 2006(30); 2007(29); 2008(30); 2009-2012(50)


Negros Occidental
2004(18); 2005(36); 2006(38); 2007(85); 2008(100); 2009(110); 2010-2012(115) Bunga Elementary School
2005(18 )Discontinued

Oriental Mindoro
2003(20); 2004(19); 2005(22);
2006(25); 2007(27); 2008(31);
2009(36); 2010-2012(39)


2001(17); 2002(11); 2003(24);
2004(24); 2005(25); 2006(29);
2007(32); 2008(37); 2009(43); 2010(51); 2011(48); 2012(39)


- by Wads Wijnberg-Tiongson
Basic Literacy Coordinator