The Old and New


The old...

Saturday, 20 September was an evening to remember for Kapatiran board members. In an intimate corner of a restaurant in the Hague we sat together enjoying dinner and reminiscing the past years that we experienced together.
Years that were filled with activities to raise funds for the needy elementary school children in the Philippines, the street children of Zamboanga and the abused children of Olongapo City.

On top of that there were board meetings to be held and more board meetings, deadlines to be met for the Kapatiran Newsletter which is published in Dutch and in English, annual reports and other reports to be made, etc.

In the centre of all these activities was Wim Vermeiden who had been Kapatiran’s chair since January 2003. All these activities he carried out with passion and dedication. The fundraising campaigns he engineered led to many donations from business, family and friends.

Now, after eleven odd years as Kapatiran’s chairperson Wim decided it was time to step down, move on and hand over the chairmanship to somebody else. In Wim’s own words those years he had been chair were fantastic and very informative years for him. He visited projects in the Philippines three times. He will never forget the poverty he saw with his own eyes nor the street children. The friendliness and hospitality of the Filipinos left a deep impression on him.

In tandem with Wim is Betty Adema, Kapatiran’s secretary cum Newsletter translator for nine years. Betty had been secretary since June 2006. She, too, had been to the Philippines a few times visiting projects. And she, too, carried out her tasks with passion and dedication.

For all those years Wim and Betty dedicated to accomplishing Kapatiran’s mission and vision, we, the remaining board members of Kapatiran will be eternally grateful. We wish Wim and Betty all the best for the future.

... and the new


Replacing Wim as chairperson is Henk Ankoné, a board member since the founding of Kapatiran in 1990. Henk’s affiliation with the Philippines is due to his wife, Lily, who sadly died in September 2010. Lily was one of the founders of the organization. Henk graduated in geography (specializing in developing countries) and didactics (specializing in curriculum). He retired in August 2012. As a Board Member Henk is concerned with supervising projects.


John van de Winkel joined the Kapatiran board on 20 September 2014. After a career in the corporate world, John worked as a consultant, coach and trainer on entrepreneurship in Africa and Asia, among others in the Philippines. For his Masters he did research in India and graduated in Business Administration.

John van de Winkel

Two years ago John, together with a partner, founded the LOOP Foundation (, a fair trade organization that imports food products directly from farmers in the Philippines. By paying fair prices to the farmers LOOP hopes to contribute to the eradication of poverty in the country.


As for myself, Wads Wijnberg-Tiongson, I am one of the founders of Kapatiran. A Filipina married to a Dutch and has lived in the Netherlands since 1972. I was the secretary of the organization from 1993 until 2002 and I have been coordinating the Basic Literacy Program (BLP) that was launched in 2000.

Thank you for your support!