As a result of Kapatiran’s mission which mentions:

Establish partnership with local organizations in depressed communities in the Philippines by providing support to community-based, small-scale and sustainable development projects;

The members of Kapatiran’s Board took great trouble to find reliable and well-established NGO’s in the Philippines to co-operate with.

One of them was an organization that had been a good friend for years: the Akay Kalinga Centre for street children in Zamboanga. This Centre is part of the NGO Katilingban para sa Kalambuan. This friendship, which started around the end of the last century, became formally a good and strong partnership in 2003.

The other organization has proved herself to be a strong and reliable NGO in the North of the Philippines. PREDA, chaired by the Irish priest Shay Cullen, started also as a good friend of one of the Kapatiran Board Members. PREDA became an official Kapatiran partner in 2006 by signing together a “Terms of Reference”.

To implement projects from a great distance co-operating with good and reliable partners on the spot is a must for Kapatiran. On the other hand, it is very important for the donors in the Netherlands to have a fast, immediate and a reliable feed back on how their donation is being allocated to projects in the Philippines. This task of informing donors and friends of Kapatiran is a task that Kapatiran takes seriously. This is accomplished by a printed medium, the Kapatiran Newsletter which is published 3 times a year. It has a circulation of 300 issues in Dutch language and 200 issues in the English language. This Newsletter is delivered by post to the organization’s donors and funding organisations, and to the organization’s network all over the world. The organization’s website ( is very important to the organization in that it is digitally accessible.