Akay Kalinga Centre

The Akay Kalinga Centre is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) servicing the street children of Zamboanga City. It has been run by the Katilingban para sa Kalambuan, Inc. for the past six years now. Its prime purpose is to provide the children with a safe and comfortable shelter. At Akay Kalinga, the children find a respite from their activities in the streets during the day and especially at night time.

Akay-Kalinga is an alternative environment. It offers an atmosphere of peace, love, respect and care. It helps the children grow and develop into self-actualized, self-reliant, socially adaptive and economically productive persons. This is accomplished through effective, sustainable and holistic programs designed to cultivate their utmost potentials. It gives due regard to upholding the street-children’s rights to survival, protection and full development.

The Centre is open to children who come and go as they wish. Some children decide to stay permanently at the Centre. Others come just to visit.