Pangarap Centre

Geared towards the protection and development of the children in Zamboanga City, KKI has instituted an extension program designed for street youth ages 16-24 years old that needs special intervention. One of the striking achievements of the centre is the mainstreaming of youth in the society, working as regular individual and not seen as nuisance of the community. This youth have the opportunity to work on commercial establishments and residential homes and earned enough for their own consumption.

Socio-Economic Services

The youth have the opportunity to avail on livelihood programs through KKI-micro finance program where they get to have the chance to engage on small enterprise that would be beneficial for each youth and their family.

Social Services

This is designed to facilitate referrals of health related problems, counselling and case management. The youth are also provided with meals during their stay in the centre.

Educational/training services

They can also acquire learning through the literary program of the center where they have the opportunity to learn the basic literacy session. The youth are also encourage to join productivity and skills training program to develop their capabilities as individual.