PREDA stands for People’s Recovery, Empowerment and Development Assistance and is a registered foundation in the Philippines founded 28 years ago. It works towards attaining social justice, and expounds fair trade marketing and producer assistance as a means to reduce poverty, child labour incidence and exploitation of the poor.

PREDA is situated in Olongapo City and is led by the Irish priest Fr. Shay Cullen. In 2006 a number of young Kapatiran volunteers,facilitated by the Dutch Xplore Programme, spent some time in the PREDA Centre, helping with the children living there. These are often traumatised children just rescued from prison or the sex trade.

In het PREDA Centre they can recover from the terrible things they have witnessed and experienced, they get legal and psychological assistance, and they get the chance to go to school or train for a job.

Over the last years Kapatiran has sold PREDA Fair Trade products in the Netherlands.