PREDA assists Kapatiran with livelihood projects

After the big eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1991 the very poor Aeta group escaped from the natural violence and established themselves in the area of Zambales.
Kapatiran has supported this group with the Basic Literay Programme for years.

Recently Kapatiran started livelihood projects for the beneficiaries of this programme in Zambales. It was just a simple start with goat-raising. However, it turned out to be not that easy and the people needed more practical support. This support was found in the PREDA. PREDA has a lot of experience with livelihood projects and as the distance from Olongapo City and Botolan, also in Zambales is not too great, PREDA offered to help Kapatiran.

This mutual help of both Kapatiran and PREDA is of course the most ideal situation.

For that reason Kapatiran is very happy to have this reliable partner.