What is PREDA?

PREDA stands for People’s Recovery, Empowerment and Development Assistance and is a registered foundation in the Philippines founded 28 years ago. It works towards attaining social justice, and expounds fair trade marketing and producer assistance as a means to reduce poverty, child labour incidence and exploitation of the poor.
PREDA Vision

PREDA envisions a just, free, peaceful and prosperous society that serves the common good, respects human rights, especially the rights of children. A society built on faith, virtue and spiritual values that overcome poverty by the fair distribution of wealth, opportunity and resources. It restores and preserves the environment and builds up self-reliant communities through the participation of the people and respects and restores the culture of indigenous peoples.

Its Mission

• To work for a system of justice that will empower women and children and the poor and protect their rights.
• To protect the weak and the defenceless especially women and children from sexual abuse and exploitation of every kind.
• To support marginalized producers with development assistance, interest free loans, skilled training, and marketing through Fair Trade.