Program and Criteria Guideline

The Kapatiran Basic Literacy Programme is monitored by the Overall Coordinator in conjunction with Board Members who have close contacts with the local Coordinators. There is a short track contact between them and reliable contact persons on the spot. The selection of beneficiaries is the result of Kapatiran guidelines, written down in criteria and advice of the contact person. Regularly, mostly in combination with family visits of the Filipino members, contact persons and schools are visited by the involved Board Members. A meeting with the Coordinator and the Basic Literacy pupil beneficiaries is then arranged in cooperation with the school. This gives the Board Members a good idea on the implementation of the programme.

The format below will show how contact persons give a helping hand in selecting beneficiaries:

February 2006

Criteria for the selection of beneficiaries
1. Child must come from a family with very low income
2. Family lives in a very far-flung area in the Philippines
3. Parents must be willing to participate in a small scale livelihood project
4. All children are equal and, therefore, a child with a low IQ has as much right as one with a high IQ. Main criteria is still item 1 above.

Composition of selection team
Team would be composed of three members:
1. Coordinator
2. PTA member
3. Local school teacher

Tasks of the coordinator
1. Monitor the programme twice a year
2. Report to Kapatiran once a year
3. Troubleshoot together with concerned teacher and parents
4. Coordinator to acknowledge receipt of funds and to make a financial report supported with receipts

Remuneration of coordinator
Coordinator is to receive €25 for monitoring up to 25 pupils and €1 for each additional pupil.