Agusan del Sur

Cagbas Elementary School (Bayugan)

The coordinator there, Mrs. Norma Isla-Sison, is a retired midwife who monitors the pupils efficiently and coaches parents on the importance of education. She writes:

“The 21 pupils are all in good health and regularly attending their classes daily as I have encouraged their parents to send their children to school regularly. I told them that, that is the only way you can show your benefactors (Stichting Kapatiran) your wholehearted gratitude.

“The parents and pupils, Barangay Captain Pepito and Principal Lerio wish you more blessings from God so you can widen the horizon of your noble endeavour for the betterment of our less fortunate brothers and sisters in our society.” (14.02.2009)

The School Head, Mr. Redin R. Lerio writes: “I am so grateful that despite the economic crisis the world is facing nowadays, people with a good heart like you, still manage to share their blessings to others. We feel very lucky that our school was chosen as one of the beneficiaries of your program here in the Philippines.” (12.02.2009)


Bulala-Fuga Elementary School (Camanaliugan)

The coordinator, Mrs. Esmeralda P. Ifurung is an elementary school teacher in the school where the beneficiaries go to. She writes “It hurts me seeing poor school children coming to school barefooted, school uniforms like trash and without notebooks, paper and pencils. The worst is without money to buy food during recess and no money for fare. All of these motivated me to coordinate the Kapatiran Basic Literacy Programme.”

Ilocos Norte

Cabaruan Elementary School/Casilian Primary School (Bacarra)

The school principal, Mrs. Edwina C. Reginaldo, is the coordinator She writes: “Kapatiran is giving PhP 1,570 (EUR 26) annually to 30 pupils until then finish Grade VI to be used for their school uniforms, school supplies and to pay for the authorized contributions. This amount means a lot to the parents because they are earning only a minimal amount which is not even enough to make both ends meet.”

She further writes: “The schools’ Teaching Force together with the General PTCA led by Mrs. Lheny H. Acob extend their warmest thanks to Stichting Kapatiran for their mission and vision of helping educate the youth through the Basic Literacy Programme. Many are benefited and change peoples’ lives for the better.”

Salve Marie Bagaoisan, Grade VI, is one of six children. Her father is a carpenter who has a meagre income. Her mother takes care of the children at home. She writes: “At present I am a Grade VI pupil. For a period of four years, I have been enjoying the kindness and generosity of Kapatiran. I could enjoy going to school with my friends and neighbours, could pay for my school obligations and buy my school needs. I feel very grateful to Kapatiran.”

Alpha Grace Carnate, Grade V:
“I and my family are indebted to Kapatiran for, without them, I would be hard up with my education. I have a very high ambition in life and I want to finish my studies so that I can also help my parents upgrade our way of living. The word “kapatiran” is indeed carried out by the organization for I feel that they care for me as their sister.”

Mrs. Eugenia-Merlina P. Andaya, Grade VI Adviser: “Due to poverty, many school children are deprived of attaining a quality basic education. Poor parents with many children can hardly support their basic needs, hence, they can not send their children to school. And if they could, their children could not concentrate on their schoolwork because they lack the necessary school materials, payment of school contributions and school uniforms.”
“Truly, happiness and a sense of thanksgiving reign in the heart of every Kapatiran scholar and parents. We, the parents find the true meaning of happiness and contentment because poverty is no longer a hindrance in giving education to our children. If not because of Kapatiran, our children would not be able to enter school,” writes Mrs. Gilda A. Maulit, a parent.

Negros Occidental

Pandanon Elementary School (Salvador Benedicto)

Mrs. Gracia P. Mallorca, the coordinator, is a teacher in the school. She writes to Kapatiran: “I would like to utter my sincere gratitude for another year of success of the students made possible through your untiring support to them. Realizing your kindness, the students become more dedicated in their studies. In fact, five of them graduated last April 3 (out) of 22 beneficiaries.”  Only one out of the remaining 17 failed.

Mercedes S. Ayeng Elementary School (Salvador Benedicto)
The previous coordinator was the Hon. Purita A. Pontillano who is the barangay captain. She wrote in 2007 that she is very happy that the programme has reached these children from indigent families in the area.

Pandanon Elementary School Branch (Salvador Benedicto)
The coordinator is a teacher in the school, Mrs. Elpa P. Magapan. “On behalf of the parents of the children who benefit from the Kapatiran Basic Literacy Programme, I would like to thank you for all of the support given to the children who belong to poor families”, she writes.