Livelihood Projects

Starting 2007 Kapatiran started small-scale livelihood projects for the Basic Literacy beneficiaries. The purpose of these projects is to give an impulse to the income of poor families. These families have already a relation with Kapatiran, because one of more children take part of the Basic Literacy Programme.

In order to make these families independent, livelihood projects were started to improve their income. With this added income the parents can afford to pay for the education of their children. This will also create room for other beneficiaries and besides that, it will give the participant more self-confidence and dignity.

Livelihood projects started in 2007 with Negros Occidental in Salvador Benedicto. To follow are the livelihood projects of the parents of Basic Literacy pupil beneficiaries in Ilocos Norte. It is the hope of Kapatiran to expand these livelihood projects in the years to come to the other areas where the Basic Literacy Programme is being implemented.

Most of the livelihood projects are simple projects, like goat raising and pig fattening, fishing support with nets and sari-sari stores. For Kapatiran it is a one time investment by sending a grant to the bank account of the local organization.

This, however, is not a donation because beneficiaries will have to back the loan to the local organization in order to create reserves for new investments. By reserving some of the profits for future investment, these projects will eventually be self-supporting. The savings will be used for new projects, for Basic Literacy beneficiaries and family savings.

To implement an approved project proposal the involved representative of the local organization and the Kapatiran coordinator both sign a contract. Every six months a progress report will be submitted to the Kapatiran Board.

To finance these projects Kapatiran has submitted a project proposal to Cordaid and half of the costs will have to be co-financed by Kapatiran.