Livelihood Projects in Bacarra, Ilocos Norte

Cabaruan has been chosen as the pilot area for the expansion of the Basic Literacy Programme in the School Year 2003-2004 in the region of Ilocos Norte because of its being a depressed area. As an offshoot of the BL Programme, the parents of the BL beneficiaries along with other indigent parent local population of the area have organized themselves in response to their desire to augment their economic conditions and capabilities through their involvement in income generating livelihood projects, which they themselves have identified as a result of a workshop held among them. They have committed to these projects believing that it will truly help them a great deal in creating and supplementing their income.

Two projects of the four proposed, described below, commenced in October 2008. The remaining two, watermelon project and rice project will commence in the first half of 2009.