Fishing Project


This project intends to provide a fishing gadget called “sigay” for the six parents of BL beneficiaries who have organised themselves as Nasadiri. They come from Brgy. 37-A Taguiporo,- an area where small scale fishing is the main source of income. With the 2 units of “sigay” made by themselves and for which the materials costing twenty thousand pesos (PhP 20,000) provided by Kapatiran, they could do small scale fishing without having to rent from local owners. The project started on 17 October 2008 and hopes to augment the meagre income of these indigent parents.

Recipients of the Fish Sigay project in Brgy. Taguiporo who have organised themselves as Nasadiri are shown in the photo below showing the sigay net that they themselves have made in a week’s time:

Jerry Visaya (Leader)
Emmy Menor
Cherry Espirito
Consolacion Mendoza
Alvin Javiar
Leonida Ponce