Barangays Baraniw, Cabaruan Center and Casilian)

This project simply intends to raise and breed goat as a supplement source of income of a group of 18 parents of BL beneficiaries who have organised themselves as Naemma (8 parents from Brgy. 37 Casilian), Naayat (5 parents from Brgy. 35 Baraniw) and Naregta (5 parents from Brgy. Cabaruan Center).

With Kapatiran’s financial support amounting to fifty-thousand pesos (PhP 50,000), the local project coordinator Mrs. Edwina Reginaldo purchased 18 units of young goats issued on 17 October–10 November 2008 to each of the parent beneficiaries:


Osmar Ramento Ma. Victoria Ramos
Flordeliza Dugay Marites Soler
Marilyn Carnate Ronalyn Carnate
Reynaldo Agaran Rosita Balicat
Carmelita Agaran Mila Sao
Remy Carnate Arnel Bacud
Norma Sagun Consolacion Afaga
Eizabeth Dugay Carolina Carnate and
Amalia Ildefonso Rosabilla Bolusan