Tampa Project

Location: A. Bgy. Cabaruan (North),  B. Bgy. Cabaruan (Central)

The Tampa project is a small-scale microcredit project managed by members/beneficiaries, mentioned below. The project intends to create an additional income for the members/beneficiaries and to shelve out financial support to farmers in need of a microcredit.

Farmers from the area can request for a microcredit (for agricultural purposes) from the above-mentioned project members. After each harvest season, the microcredit will be returned to the project plus around 30 kilos of dried palay (worth around PhP 300) as interest.

The project members will account for the bookkeeping of the microcredits and will process the earned palay into rice in order to sell it. The financial benefits will be used to repay the Kapatiran loan within 2 years (to the account which will be exclusively opened for the Kapatiran Livelihood Project.

Total amount requested is PhP 45,000 (Cabaruan North group is requesting for an amount of PhP 15,000 and Cabaruan Central for PhP 30,000).

There are 2 croppings in a year.  Group A is, therefore,  targeting to earn PhP 4,500 per cropping (at PhP 300 x 15).  In a year PhP 9,000.  Hence, in less than two years the Kapatiran loan of PhP 15.000 will have been fully paid for and earning a profit of PhP 18,000 in 2 years time.

Group B, on the other hand, is requesting a total of PhP 30,000.  Doubling the target of Group A, this group earns a total of PhP 18,000 per year (PhP 36,000 in 2 years).  Their Kapatiran loan will have been fully paid for in less than 2 years time.


A. North  B. Central
Marites Soler (Leader) Ireneo Carnate (Leader)
Victoria Ramos (Asst. Leader) Norma Shagun
Mila Ramento Rene Marquez
Amalia Eldifonso Dominador Agaran
  Mariano Agaran
  Rosita Balicat
  Eliza Dugay
  Flordeliza Dugay