Watermelon Production

III. Title of Project: Watermelon Production
Location: Casilian

The project is collective and is composed of parents of beneficiaries coming from Brgy. Casilian. The members will all be equally responsible for the project as they agreed to do it on rotation depending on who is available.

The project intends to produce watermelons twice a year (at 4 months per cropping), depending on the weather conditions.

Activities include: land preparation, raising seedlings, construction of planting beds and furrows, fertilizer application, mulching, transplanting, watering, pruning, vine training, and fruit thinning, manual pollination, pests control/management, turning of fruits and harvest and post harvest handling.

The beneficiaries were all involved in a 2-year course experimental stage or introduction of the technology by the local Department of Agriculture (DA) in the area. However, the DA does not have financial resources to issue to interested groups/individuals. Beneficiaries will implement the project in consultation with a team of technical people from the local Deparment of Agriculture (DA) as their aim is to promote watermelon production in the area.

The total amount being requested is PhP 40,000 (at PhP 5,000 per member). The amount requested already includes cost of production materials such as seedlings, fertilizers, plastic cups, etc.

Production sale is projected at PhP 80,000 per cropping, PhP 160,000 per year. Hence, the loan is easily repayable within a year.

The members will make financial reservations for the costs of production materials for every next cropping.

Members: Alfreda Alvaro
Myrna Alvaro
Analyn Bagaoisan
Grace Bagaoisan
Lolita Bagaoisan
Maxima Bagaoisan
Zenaida Bagaoisan
Rosemarie Bagaoisan