Criteria of Livelihood projects

(February 2008)

Project objectives for Kapatiran Livelihood projects are:

-To increase income of beneficiaries through the undertaking of small scale generating projects.

-To increase the involvement of the beneficiaries through relating this projects with the education and the continuity of the education of their children.

-To be able to assist more school children by enabling the beneficiaries themselves to take the financial responsibility for the education of their children.

-To be able to reach out more beneficiaries for livelihood projects.

To achieve these objectives Kapatiran and the local organisation involved will agree the following:

-A loan will only be submitted after approval of a detailed proposal, written in English language, by the local organisation.

-Each beneficiary will pay back the full amount of loan to the local organisation within 2 years after the date as mentioned in the contract.

-Bank savings shall be made in a way as agreed between the local organisation and the beneficiaries.

-Such savings shall be used for new Basic Literacy beneficiaries and for new livelihood investments.

-Organisations will inform involved beneficiaries about the local procedures.

-On behalf of the beneficiaries, local organisations will confirm receipt in writing of the starting funds to the Kapatiran co-ordinator as soon as possible.

-On behalf of the beneficiaries, local organisations will report each 6 months after starting the project to the Kapatiran co-ordinator. Such reports will include: expenses of materials and animals, activities during this period, benefits, development of the project and resulting educational objectives.

-Each beneficiary will inform the local organisation about any deviation of the project to the local organisation as soon as possible.

-Local organisations are responsible for the correct implementation of the project.

-At any time when requested by the Kapatiran co-ordinator, local organisations shall give full co-operation to collect information about the progress of the project.