The Surety of the Pupil's Elementary Education


Stichting Kapatiran is the organization with  so much  to give  yet expecting nothing in return; the organization with  a whole-heart concern to  the  poor  but  commendable pupils; and,  the  organization with  a big heart who sought diligent and intelligent pupils' success.

Nowadays, there  are many wealthy people. There are many affluent companies. There are many prosperous organizations. But, there are only few who are willing to become a patron of every child's future.

The  15  pupils of  Sta.  Irene   Elementary  School   are   ausp1c1ous enough  for they were  chosen to be helped by the Stichting Kapatiran. The organization contributed so  much  life's  foundation of  the  said  pupils. Because of their Basic Literacy Program, they gave each pupil every year with  school supplies, school bag, school  uniform, school shoes  and Php
300.00  for  the  school fees. The said  benefits will  be given  to them  from Grade 1- Grade VI provided that they will study hard for a bright future.

To the Stichting Kapatiran, more power. May your altruistic minds and amorous hearts continue to help the needy. And, may your toil will serve as a model to every rich nations.

Luana Sisa A. Magsigay
Teacher III
Sta. Irene Elementary School
Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur

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